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People have always asked me why I do not drink. The truth of the matter has been that I never really thought it made any sense to ever start what I think to be a bad habit. For that matter, I have never understood why anybody would bother with alcohol. There are a number of reasons not to drink that are almost all very logical but the one that probably impacted me most was that I was simply afraid to get started. That may not be a good enough reason for you to avoid alcohol so below are a few more reason that have occurred to me over the years.

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Logical Reasons to Say No to Alcohol

Alcohol is a drug

Does not taste good


Kills brain cells

Destroys your liver

Makes you do stupid things - impaired judgment - can you say BEER GOGGLES?

Lose control of car, gun, boat, etc...

Drunks are not attractive

Vomit is not sexy

Drunks are any easy target for people to take advantage of ... Thieves, rapists etc...

Alcohol poisoning CAN kill you

Might want to remember if you had a good time

Expensive habit

Pathetic excuse for entertainment

The purpose of this site is to express the views of Alcohol Free America. More specifically, the concept of AFA is to make the the statement that it is perfectly OK to decide not to drink alcohol. Even more to the point, this organization and site are intended to be a voice that says it is actually better not to drink recreational alcohol. We understand this is not the popular view in America today. We also understand that the overwhelming majority of America blindly accepts that drinking as a way of life. However, we reject that cultural view and thinks there should be a rallying cry to start a truly crass roots movement to discourage the utilization of this legal and mind altering drug for recreational purposes.  Our sincere question to you is "Why bother with Alcohol?".

The hope is that this site will be a resource for individuals who are trying to make the decision about how to live their life in spite of the cultural pressures of our society. The goal is not to attempt to mandate through government regulation nor look down on the people who decide to take the impacts of alcohol lightly. The goal is to explain why we believe it is the wise choice to live life in a safer and more enjoyable way.

Alcohol Free America - Why Bother with Alcohol??