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About Alcohol Free America

This site was built in an effort to get out a very specific message. It is completely OK and even cool not to drink alcohol. American culture accepts alcohol as an important part of social life for adults and even individuals who are not quite adults. This drug is used as a  tool for recreation and celebrated in countless ways by all walks of our society. We are here to say that it is acceptable and even preferable to consciously decide not to follow the crowd. As individuals in America, we actually do have a choice about how we spend our time and money. Alcohol is neither necessary nor required to have a full and enjoyable life. There is far more downside than benefits to  drinking  “adult beverages” so we support the idea that it is a mistake to drink alcohol.


We intend to spend time and energy  to spread the message to youth and young adults that there are other ways to enjoy life than drinking as a form of recreation and entertainment.







Alcohol Free America - Why Bother with Alcohol??